Welcome to Sykia Halkidiki

You can choose between our two accommodations, Morfo House on the beach of Sykia and Morfo Studios in Klimatria Coast.

On the peninsula of Sithonia we are waiting for you with Morfo House and Morfo Studios.

TMorfo Rooms and Morfo Studios are located in the area of Sykia, consisting of the Morfo House located on the beach of Sykia in Agios Ioannis, and Morfo Studios located in Akti Klimataria.

Ανακαλύψτε την ομορφιά της περιοχής μας και διαλέξτε ένα από τα καταλύματά μας για να περάσετε μοναδικές και ονειρεμένες καλοκαιρινές διακοπές στην Χερσόνησο της Σιθωνίας...
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